It’s now almost the end of May, and I’m just a matter of weeks away from celebrating my 47th Birthday. I take it I’ll never now make it as a famous DJ and will need to content myself with just doodling away here in blogland endeavouring to make a fewy folk happy.

I mention this as it means I’m now two years on from my 45 45s at 45 series in which I did a countdown of all my favourite singles. There were a couple of rules – namely that I had to have bought the single at its time of release and not picked up on years later, and furthermore, each singer or band was restricted to one entry in the rundown to prevent it being dominated by the likes of The Smiths, New Order and The Jam.

The newest song in the rundown came in at #43 and was the double A-side of Be Less Rude /Sing The Greys by Frightened Rabbit. But if I was doing the chart now, it wouldn’t feature anywhere due to the release of this song in 2008:-

mp3 : Frightened Rabbit – Fast Blood

With a lyric that David Gedge would have been proud of and a tune that more than does it justice, Fast Blood is a the tale of a situation that every single one of us has surely found ourselves in. That moment when lust takes over every single one of your senses and your brain stops functioning properly. You get reckless. Your entire world revolves around the one person whose eyes you are staring into. There’s only one thing on your mind…..and you are praying that they feel the same way.

Quite stunning. And I’ve been lucky enough to see some fabulously energetic live renditions over the years which have helped make it such a favourite. It would certainly be placed a bit higher than #43 in any 2010 rundown.

Here’s yer b-side:-

mp3 : Frightened Rabbit – Soon Go

And here’s a live performance in Wisconsin back in late 2008

Really disappointed that the new album hasn’t catapulted them to major stardom.