For an awful long time, I didn’t buy any vinyl. Didn’t see the point in it. Record player had been given away, and although the amps and speakers were stored in the loft of my mum and dad’s house, it really did look as if it would be CDs forever and a day.

Little did any of us realise just how technology would move on and in a strange way make vinyl not only fashionable once more, but essential for sad 40-somethings like me with a collecting habit that can be as addictive as any illegal substance.

In 1997, I did buy a lovely single that was released by The Wedding Present. It was the CD version that I bought – I wasn’t even aware at the time that it had also been made available in two limited edition 7″ versions. And until I was doing a bit of research for the posting, I wasn’t aware either that it had actually charted, albeit at #40 for just the one week. And that makes it quite a rarity for The Wedding Present who have only had two singles make the Top 40 since December 1992.

But thanks to the wonders of ebay and the fact that I spend far too much time scouring dusty second-hand stores, I’ve picked up a few things that I wish I’d had the foresight to buy back in the 90s, and one of the outcomnes being that I now have a copy of the single sitting in two separate places in Villain Towers.

From the CD:-

mp3 : The Wedding Present – Montreal
mp3 : The Wedding Present – Sports Car (acoustic)
mp3 : The Wedding Present – My Favourite Dress (live)
mp3 : The Wedding Present – Brassneck (live)

The live tracks are taken from two different shows – My Favourite Dress was recorded at the Sound City Festival in Leeds and Brassneck was recorded at the Reading Festival, both in 1996. And the version of Sports Car is an acoustic one, totally different from that which appears on the LP Mini. For one it features Jayne Lockey on lead vocal…..

And here’s the tracks that you could only get on vinyl**

mp3 : The Wedding Present – Project Cenzo
mp3 : The Wedding Present – Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Theme From ‘Cheers’)

**that’s a lie. They were also made available on a 1999 compilation LP entitled Singles 1995-97, something that I already had on the CD shelves, and so there was no need to actually buy the 7″ bits of vinyl. But that’s the sort of sadsack that I am (and thanks to Drew from Across The Kitchen Table for a recent postings about collecting music and being a sadsack which indirectly inspired today’s posting).

Happy Listening