I work in the world of hype and spin, but even I couldn’t have come up with the words that describe the collective that are going to take over part of the Flying Duck every now and again.

It’s all down to Drew from Across The Kitchen Table. Not only did he come up with the idea, but he made the approaches to get others involved, scouted out the venue, spoke to the folk who run The Flying Duck, and sorted out the logo/images. All the while I was lazing around on a beach many thousands of miles away.

The truth is that I’m quite nervous about it all. It’s one thing posting some mp3s and some words here on a daily basis knowing that if folk dont like things they can dive across to someone else’s blog or at worst switch off the PC. It is a totally different scenario trying to entice folk to giving up some of their precious time to come into the centre of Glasgow and not only listen to what I’m playing but hopefully dancing to it. Then again, if they don’t like what I’m doing, they can hang around for a short time before another blogger takes to the decks or whatever contraption is to be deployed in respect of aural pleasure.

Ever since I realised what I had signed up, just about every song I listened to on the beach in Aruba has been analysed in terms of whether it had the potential to be a floorfiller, or at very least have the potential to create interest to get the toes-a-tapping. Then I started to worry about how to sequence the songs…..and then questions ran through my brain – should I have more than one song by the same artist in an evening, do I go with a few things that are obscure to show-off a bit, should I take requests, what will I do if something completely clears the floor (especially after Drew has revved up the whole thing just before I’ve come on) etc etc etc…….

But despite all of that, I am so looking forward to Saturday 12th June when I will forego the joys of England v USA in the Group Stages of the World Cup for something totally different…..I hope maybe some of you will be tempted. At the very least, please put the word around.

I guarantee that I will play at least one bit of vinyl that came out on Postcard Records and there’s likely to be a fair bit of the sort of stuff I used to dance to back in the early-mid 80s. The dubstep is likely to be left to one or two others.

Fatboy Jim will be in the house………

mp3 :