Another wee bit of a cheat here……

The idea for today’s posting came from someone saying the other day that weren’t aware that Andrew Collins had penned a Billy Bragg bio. That got me thinking that there might be a few great music books written over the past few years that some of you might not know about. So here’s 24 of my personal favourties with a short description as well as links to to pick them up where they exist. If there’s no link, you can always try e-bay or alternatively google for other placces:-

All That Ever Mattered : The History of Scottish Rock & Pop – Brian Hogg (1993)

It is a crying shame that this impressive piece of work is out of print. With a title taken from an Oeange Juice song, this is the story of everyone who was anyone in Scottish rock and pop, all the way from he early days of rock’n’ roll and skiffle through to the early 90s reign of the likes of Deacon Blue and Wet Wet Wet. Another book that I’d love to see updated….

Bad Vibes : Britpop and My Part In Its Downfall – Luke Haines (2009)

In which the former frontman of The Auteurs recounts an insiders view of all that was wrong with UK pop music in the 1990s

Head On/Repossessed – Julian Cope (2005 – new paperback edition)

Two sets of memoirs by one of the maddest men in pop. Head On is subtitled “Memories of the Liverpool Punk Scene and The Story of The Teardrop Explodes (1976-82) while Repossessed is subtitled “Shamanic Depressions in Tamworth & London (1983-89). Unputdownable. Click here to buy.

It Crawled From The South – Marcus Gray (1997)

Almost 600 pages long, this is the best researched and most detailed of books that tell the story of REM. But surely given how much has happened to the band over the past 12 years since publication is long overdue an update…..

Morrissey & Marr : The Severed Alliance (1993 – 2nd Revised Edition)

The story of the rise and fall of The Smiths, the lives of singer Steven Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr and the differences that tore them apart. Click here to buy.

Renegade : The Lives & Tales of Mark E Smith – Mark E Smith with Austin Collings (2009)

There have been a number of biographies of the legendary Smith, but this is the first time he has opened up in a full autobiography. For the first time we get to hear his full, candid take on the ups and downs of a band as notorious for its in-house fighting as for its great music; and on a life that has endured prison in America, drugs, bankruptcy, divorce, and the often bleak results of a legendary thirst. Click here to buy

Tainted Life – Marc Almond (1999)

Marc Almond’s story features a larger than life cast of characters. It recounts his “de rigeur” plunge into drink, drugs and debauchery as well as being an intimate portrait of the star-making personalities of the 1980s.

Things The Grandchildren Should Know – Mark Oliver Everett (Paperback Edition 2009)

The Eels frontman tells the incredible story of what it’s like to grow up the insecure son of a genius in a wacky Virginia Ice Storm-like family, of how he ended up becoming a musician and how various tragic events in his life shaped his songs and lyrics. One of the most remarkable rock bios you could ever get your hands on. Click here to buy.

This Is Uncool : The 500 Greatest Singles since Punk & Disco – Gary Mulholland (2002)

In what amounts to a pop history of the latter part of the 20th Century, , music journalist Garry Mulholland has compiled a list of what he believes are the 500 greatest singles released since Anarchy In The UK .